WeblineIndia is led by a team of experienced and competent leaders. Our Leadership team brings along years of experience in technology and outsourcing industry.

Atul Mehta, Founder & CEO

Atul, the Founder & CEO comes with 25 years of long and commendable experience in Information Technology. He is a Software Engineer from Pune University and his contribution to the IT industry has been exemplary.

He is an outstanding Leader, an Initiator who can cosset an individual towards achieving goals and an Effective Mentor with his judicious logic.

In his leisure, he prefers to spend time with family, indulge on honorary basis with certified bodies and share his knowledge. He enjoys globetrotting.

His Mantra is - "Believe in Innovation and Endeavour to reach new horizons."

Vipul, CTO

Vipul comes with 21+ years of experience in Software industry across the globe.

He leads the Research & Innovation Centre. He steers Technical Team to stay in a leading position in Emerging Web Technologies, Mobility Trends, Building Scalable Architecture, Complex Frameworks, Multi-channel Platforms using Modular Programming methodologies in an Agile environment.

He is one of the phenomenal contributors guiding WeblineIndia towards “the big picture” through his fundamental knowledge and intensive experience in software programming and technological field.

You can always find him mentoring young talent or reading during his leisure hours.

His Mantra is - "Imagination is the true magic carpet."

Vikrant B., Operations Head

Vikrant is a ten-year veteran in Operations area with a unique combination of motivation, dynamism and passion for work.

He is responsible for the administrative and operational aspects across wide range of areas including HR, Finance, Knowledge Management, Networking and Infrastructure. He is a strategic thinker and a resource optimizer, with the ability to work effectively across all the levels of his functional areas. He has expertise in aligning the operational resources successfully to optimize the processes.

During his leisure, you can find him occupied with sports activities.

His Mantra is - "To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together."

Dipak M., Technology Head

Dipak is an Engineer in Information Technology.

He is one of the dynamic technology leaders with over 13 years of experience in project leading, development, team management and overall technical execution. He manages web and mobility based projects and team, is an expert in technology leadership, execution, strategic direction & development, team management, technology and team assessment.

He is one of the early members to join WeblineIndia and now leading his way to head of technology and development. His overall journey has been very exciting, versatile, strong and steady.

His Mantra is - "A dream doesn't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."

Darshan S., Key Accounts Head

One of the most versatile leaders at WeblineIndia, Darshan is a committed member with a wide experience of over 13 years and 100+ projects across software development, team leading and project management & delivery. He has a strong entrepreneurial skill set and a consistent record of exemplary job performance in team leadership, customer service, client relations, and sales/servicing.

He is one of the early members to join WeblineIndia and now leading his way as Head of Key Accounts. An excellent problem solver with strategic and tactical skills and having a reputation for bottom-line orientation, high quality and on-time delivery in challenging situations.

His Mantra is - "Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal."

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